Moto X3M

I would like to show you a game that you probably have heard off. The game that I would like to show you is called Moto X3M. I have played this game for 2 years now and its a very fun game to play. the game is about a person on a dirt bike that tries to get through a course (Dirt bike addition).                                                                                         I will make a link to the site of the game and it will e ready to play. All you have to do is pick your level and play. you move forwards and backwards by pressing either the left or right button that looks like this <, > or you can also use the up and down button to lean backwards or lean forwards. once you crash you press the space bar to redo the course.                                                                                                                                                                              You can also use the W,A,S and D button to move forwards, backwards and lean forwards and backwards. here is the link to the game If you want to learn more about this game or even possibly play it press on the link, it should take you right to it. This is what the game would look like Image result for moto x3m.

Cool math games

Have you ever heard about the games you can play on Chrome. There is a website that you can go to and there are probably over one-hundred games to choose from. There is this one game everyone plays here its called powerline. All the boys in my class play this game and it’s a pretty good games, I like it too.

I will make a link to the website and tell you how to play if you are interested you can use the W,A,S and D button to move left, right, forwards and backwards that’s if you are a left handed person. You can also use the left, right, forwards and backwards button on the bottom right of the keyboard if you are a righthanded person. I suggest you play those games because there are very fun games at that website. the games are sort off for kids but even though I am in grade eight I play it because they are fun.

here is a picture of the gameImage result for powerline games. In this game you try to eat to grow and you can also cut people off the make them crash nd then you can eat them. here is the direct link to the game.

Weekends ;)

Today is January 29, 2021 and I want to write about the weekend the weekend is the best time about the week when you can go relax and there’s no school the next day. its the best feeling in the world when you don’t have school the next day, you can sleep in and do what ever you want. when its Sunday the day is a little sad but it not like Monday. Monday is the worst day of the week I’ve never liked Mondays and I never will, my favourite day of the week is Friday the day today.

Friday is a very relaxing day of the week you can go to co-op gas bar buy some drinks and go home watch a movie while you slowly sip the drink. When it’s Wednesday you start thinking what your going top do on the weekend and you hope that it’s going to be a good weekend for you and hope that your brother doesn’t start an argument or something because the worst thing on a weekend is when your dad is screaming because your brother did something he wasn’t supposed to do. Your brother doesn’t really care about anything so he just randomly starts an argument and goes up to his room for the rest of the night and doesn’t come down. I like it when someone special comes over on the weekend like my friends from MRC or my sister comes for the week and stuff like that but i know it wont happen and that makes the weekend boring as heck.

You know you’ll know it was a good weekend when you know your smiling on Mondays that’s when you know it was a good weekend. I really don’t like school and thinking about school is the worst things you could possibly do. You should think about school on Sundays then you’ll be mad that there’s school tomorrow and you hope that the temperature comes to 40 below zero so everyone wouldn’t be able to go to school and you’ll have another free day at home.when you wake up at 6 am thinking it's school but you realize it's the weekend - Success Kid | Meme Generator So don’t think of school on the weekend.

here’s a link if you wan to get your stress of school this will help

Shoes for Life

One early morning Roman went downstairs to see if his parents were still sleeping. Sure enough they were, so roman quietly said “mom, mom,” he said again a little louder, and she still did not move, “MOM” he said loudly. His mom woke up with and saw him standing there, she said, “what do u want” Roman then said “you forgot to set your alarm yesterday it’s 12:02, and you forgot to take me to school. Oh my gosh I’m sorry Roman said his mother.
It’s ok said Roman. Roman really liked school but he didn’t like it when this kid from his school bullies I’m for liking school. Roman felt like punching those kids in the face, but he kept everything together. Roman was a very good student, he was on task with everything and never lied about anything because he didn’t need to.
His dream is to get to collage and own his own company. Romans mother wasn’t well, his dad had left him when he was only one year and two months old and he had to get a after school job to take care of his mother and his little sister. Roman wasn’t to happy with what he got paid an hour he asked his boss for a race but he kept on saying no but Roman works his butt of everyday for $7 an hour. He was trying to get a nighttime job too, but he felt like it was impossible.
Roman had two enemies who absolutely hated his guts but Roman minded his own business he paid no attention to those boys and that way he thought they would just leave him alone, but they didn’t. Romans mom was getting worse and worse every day till she ended up dying. Roman and his little sister lived in America where the taxes were low, but the medical bill was very high, it would have cost Roman 12,000 thousand dollars to get his mother better, but he only had 8 thousand dollars and he was only 4 thousand dollars short. Roman and his little sister continued Living in the house his mother died in. They kept the place up and roman was like a father to his little sister and he continued to try to get to get paid more. After 5 months he got a better paying job and started to get $1000 a week.
It had been 5 years now and Roman had moved on with his life he hadn’t wasted his money throughout the years, instead he had been saving up his money, he was close to $300,000. He had been walking around with cracked up broken shoes, sure it was embarrassing at sometimes, but it was worth it. He went to college and got a scholarship and graduated and continued to take care of his little sister. He got more money over time and eventually got his own company called shoes for life, that’s right he owned his own shoe company.
Romans company made the best shoes in the world and he made 30 million dollars a year just for selling shoes. He didn’t charge high for the shoes and that made the customers to buy more since they were cheap. Yeah, he could rise the price, but less people would buy them because there’s not a lot of people out there that can pay $300 for one pair of shoes. Eventually he made 80,000,000 dollars for selling the world’s best shoes.
He drove a classic 1990 dodge charger. Roman became the richest man alive and was a very nice guy to everyone, his co-workers and the people that met him on the streets. He walked around the streets and gave homeless people $2000 and told them to go get a bath and order a hotel for the night and buy yourself food. People really liked him and the shoes he makes, and the prices were awesome that’s how he became so rich.
At the age of 78 he passed on and gave his companies and the money to his little sister who was 70 years old. Romans little sister knew she was getting old and was going to a better place soon, so she gave the company to romans children who were 40 – 50 years old. now remember this is a lesson, even though you have nothing you can become rich by not being a jerk to people and being nice. Now don’t go and buy yourself random junk that you don’t need or will just not use it. Save your money an become rich. The End

Saying the F word too many times

Ok so today ill tell you a story about how I got in big trouble for saying the F word to many times. ok so I was still at Marweena school at the time but I had a habit saying the F word for no reason and id say it like 5 times in one hour. so there was a snitch in that school and she probably got fed up with me and just told the principal and I was a bit scared of him but it. so a ay goes by and the principal calls me and tells me to go into his office and wait there while he was talking to someone else.

so I was waiting for ten minutes already and he finally comes and askes me “do you know why your here” I said “no, you just took me out of class in the middle of instructions”. We were talking back and fourth like that for about two minutes and then he told me what I’m in here for some girl came in here and told me that I’m constantly swearing. just so you know that was a Christian school. I said I can t stop myself from swearing it’s like I have tics or something well he didn’t believe me because he knows I’m doing it unperpose.

Well by that time I’m almost pooping my pants because he’s a big guy and I know what he could do to me but I tried hard not to show my fear. By that time we have been in there talking for like one hour and out of no where he makes a bottle of syrup appear. He pours it on me, on my cloths, in my hoodie, my pockets, my hood, my back in my shoes, every where he could think of. then he tells me to sweeten up and go to class and stop swearing.

So I go to class and I take of my chain because its cold and its sticky and I go to class and by the time it was recess already and I go outside and he comes to me and said remember sweeten up, and leaves. There I knew exactly who snitched on me because I heard her overtaking something with here friend and I feel a lot of anger inside me. My sister sees me outside and she walks up to me and sees all there syrup dripping from my cloths and she says, “who did this” I was like “the principal, she says “why” I say “I don’t know” even though I do know, I just said that because I don’t wasn’t to get in trouble at home because I now my dad will beat my ass because I was like 10 at the time. so my sister walks up to the principal and with out hesitation she says “what the hell is wrong with you”.

The principal says “what did I do”. my sister replies by “why did you pour syrup all over my brother”? well yeah I’m not going to tell you anything else about this story because everything goes down at that point and the principal starts to go at me in all kind of ways with his words hw wasn’t cussing he was basically making me tell the truth to my sister.Fear and Anxiety - An Age by Age Guide to Common Fears, The Reasons for Each and How to Manage Them - Hey Sigmund My dad didn’t really do anything at home so I was safe but the principal… idk. if you want to see what marweena school looks like here’s a like


My story of when I was a little trouble maker

I’ll tell you a story about some things that happened to me and my friends from were I grew up. Just so you know non of this was illegal it was our property. lets begin. so when I was like 8 to 10 years old  I had a habit breaking into shacks and houses and other stuff. So me and my friend went to a old shack that I’ve never been in but i really wanted to know what was in there so I went on top of the roof and there was a little whole on top for the longest time ever so I some how made that whole bigger so I could fit in there.

once I got a good look inside I exited out of that shack and two of my other friends suddenly appear right at the corner of the shack and they both asked me what I was doing in there. Ii replied by Oh the owner of this shack his son stole something from me and put in in this shack and I wanted it back. Witch he actually did and I did wan it back but that wasn’t really the reason I broke into it. once my friends, not really my friends left I knew I had to leave too because I know that they will come back with the owner of the shack.

So me and my other friend left and sure enough they did come back with the owner of the shack but I only found out the very next dat when he came up to  me and asked me what I was doing inside his shack. I had to lie through my teeth  to get away because I knew there was going to be a curious consequence and I got away with it. The next day I went me and my friend went to the butcher shop and there was this big walk in freezer in there to store our freshly butchered hogs, but there was something else in there, there was pop in there. We, as in the children didn’t have Access to pop like children do now we had to work a full week to earn one can of pop.

there was more in there than just pop, there was liquor in there there was beer and a lot of different type  of pop I mean a lot. I took a thin rod and but I behind the lock and into the lever to open the door. I gave it a tug and it opened the lock was fine it didn’t break lucky me. I felt like I was in heaven when I saws all the pop I took a 24 case of pop and hid it at out junk yard were no one ever goes and hid it in a car were me and my friend would go every day to drink one can of pop and leave.

Eventually the boss found out that kids were breaking in and taking all the pop and leaving so he got a high tech lock that I wasn’t able to break in and didn’t want to think about because that lock was very complicated. He also mad a new whole on the door to lock it but you would know what I mean because you have never seen the door. I wasn’t able to get in there after that. know one knew that I was the one that broke in and I got away with it againLittle Troublemaker Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock.

if you want yourself a lock picking kit I found a website that sell  s


random junk

Do you want to know what’s really weird I have two sisters and one of them does not live with me and one does. the one that does is so annoying  all the time it doesn’t matter where you are she will be annoying. However on the other hand my other sister that doesn’t live with me will be very nice to you and act like your parent. when she is over for a visit and you say a cuss word shell say watch your language, but my other sister doesn’t do that maybe because she isn’t married and my other sister is.

I have a lot of old memories with my sisters but now since they are all grown up they just wan tot sit at home and do nothing just sitting on their phones and scroll through Instagram. When you catch them sitting on their phone scrolling through Instagram id  usually ask them if they want to go do something else like playing a card game or something. I’ll admit it I am always on my phone in the bathroom and when I come out my eyes instantly start hurting because off starting at the screen all the time. but yeah covid-19 mest everything up you can go into some fun stores a couple of days ago I wanted to go into a store to buy myself a drink and I had forgotten my mask and ii almost got scared because this girl that was behind the counter was actually screaming at e not talking loud she was screaming and I was actually scared because I thought she would call the cops but I know that the cops cant do anything , and now I’m wondering why I was scared, now I just think she is a careen. 

I don’t know why people want to be like that I guess they do what their good at being a careen. I really don’t like some people that live here where I do. I haven’t even done anything wrong a and they would try to think that they are my parent or maybe it is just me. But I don’t know what I am doing wrong , I think there’s a lot of people out there that don’t like me but then again I don’t know what I did to them for them not to like me. 8 Ways to Deal With Someone You Can't Stand Dealing With | Psychology TodayBut then I don’t really care if people really do like me or dislike me it doesn’t bother me. 

My dog

Today I will be writing about my dog that is dead. When I was a kid I had a dog that would always follow me around to protect me incase I get into any danger. My dad got this dog to be a pet not a dog that would protect me. I really loved my dog.

My dad didn’t train him or anything I guess he just decided to start doing what he did. When one of my dad’s friends would tease me, push me around so the dog charges at him. My dad told him not to do that but he did it again and Rufus, my dog charges at him and bites him hard on the hand , he didn’t do that again. another time is when a guy stared to teas me again in front of my grandmas house and I guess my dog saw that I struggled to handle the guy so he chares at him and bites him on the arm. there was this one kid I hated at the place I grew up so he called me a name but I forgot what he called me, but anyway I pushed him on the ground hard and my grandma happened to see it so she calls me over and slaps me on the rist and my dog actually charges my grandma.

when my dad or anyone tried to find me but I was nowhere in cite they had to scream the dogs name and he would show up and lead them to were I was. the dog was always at a 10 feet radios and never left me but when I went inside a house he knew he wasn’t able to be inside so he waited outside till I left the house. One time he got ran over by a car and we took him to the vet but he was ok. Every night he would disappear into the woods and do god knows what in there.

After he got bit by another dog that had rabies we had o but him down because fixing him cost I don’t know how much. I remember after he got put down I started to scream and cry and hate my dad but now I know it had to be done. Incase you got mixed up my dad put him down. I didn’t talk to my dad for a whole month, that’s how mad I was

See the source image  here’s a picture of my dog or a similar picture and yes he was a German Shepard here is a website on how to train your dog if it doesn’t listen to you.

Remote learning

Hello guys I’m back I just got news this morning that we went into remote. I really don’t want to go into remote learning because when you need help its way better to just ask the teacher for help instead of through a screen. covid really mest up the world. So I guess out parents are going to be very annoyed  with us just sitting at home all day.

At least we don’t have to walk to school everyday. when my teacher told me we are going into remote learning my heart instantly dropped because I DONT WANT TO LOOK AT A SCREEN ALL DANG DAY. it sucks it really does. if you are in remote learning and you go to a different school, give me a comment.

I never expected us to go into remote learning. my teacher has trained us like navy seals for remote learning but I still don’t want to do it but you got to do what you got to do. I don’t have a laptop at home to use for remote and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I think the school hands out laptops to use but I hope the remote learning gets canceled before Christmas.

Distance Learning Or Working. Quarantine, Stress, Depression, Crisis Stock Image - Image of distance, desk: 179158491I know I’m supposed to be ready but I don’t think I am.

Ty and Noah

Once upon a time there was kid named Ty he was a really smart kid. Ty was an honest kid. when Ty’s mom told him to get of his Xbox he went of. when Ty’s mom told him to go study he did but his mom never had to tell him because he knew when he had to study.

He went to school everyday and wasn’t late a single day. there was one kid who was troubling Ty. The bullies name is Tyrone, no one liked him he was giving a lot of a hard time and not leaving them alone until he got expelled. Ty had a best friend and his name was Noah.

Ty and Noah were the smartest boys in school they worked together for activities and other stuff they were they perfect fit for friends. they weren’t always together I school they had other friend that they wanted to talk to so they sometimes split up even thought they were best friends. Noah didn’t have an Xbox to play with Ty but hey both had a PC and they communicated through there whileMinecraft - Wikipedia playing Minecraft. They both left when there was a test the next day to study for so they went to study for it.

And aced the quiz