Grade 8 and 9

Hello, my name is Tyrone and I am graduating from grade 8 at Arborg Manitoba middle school. I am quite happy for summer break just to get a break from school because I have been working my butt off and learning a lot. I learned a lot about antient Greek, Ancient Egyptians, and a lot more I leaned a lot of math this year too. I think grade 8 was the one year where I learned the most, I didn’t pay any attention  to school in grade 7 and the last 6 years of school I wasn’t taught properly.

Surprisingly I didn’t have any challenges this year but I think that next year I’ll be a challenge for me especially that my brother goes to the same school. I think that I probably will have problems with some of the older students there because I’m the type of guy that gets teenagers mad. I don’t know how but I just find a way every time even though I probably don’t mean to. I’m hoping that next year will be a good year for me because I also heard that grade 9 is a little bit easier then grade 8.

This year was one of the best years for me. I think my grades took a rocket up to the sky but that’s because I had a very good teacher who is very intelligent and I’m going to miss him next year and I think its like wise with him to. I’m glad to be moving to a bigger school so its more for me to explore. All the grade 8’s are going to to explore the high school on Monday so I’m kind off exited about that, and we are also having pizza and cupcakes.


Yo what’s up my blogging friends. It’s only two more weeks and I can’t wait till school ends. I don’t know what I’m going to do when school ends probably just sit around the house and do nothing. I know one thing my parents are going to make me wash dished now.

I’m hoping that I’ll get a job and make money. I have a couple friends and hopefully I can work at their farm I know how to cut up a pig or a cow because I grew up seeing stuff like that, so I think I could make my way around. I talked to my friend already and he said he could pay me to work with him feed his animals and other stuff. What makes a good friend?I have good friends.

I lived my life around Butchering and raising animals. I was a good worker and could do anything they’d ask me to do. We made good food out of the animals we butcher. People came to buy our food and they liked and even came back to buy more, here’s a like if you want to buy good food

Call of Duty Mobile

Do you like playing Call of Duty (COD)? Well, now you can play COD on your phone. Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) is just like playing on your X-box, just on your phone. Most people will prefer to play COD on their Xbox. I don’t know why; the graphics are the same, you have better maps and better guns/loadout on CODM, and you also have better skins. If you prefer playing with a controller, well guess what, you can also play CODM with a controller.
You might be asking yourself right now, how do you connect your controller to your phone? You can do it through bluetooth. You can also choose what you want to play: Free for all, Grind, Domination, Capture the flag, Zombies, and Team Deathmatch. You can also play Battle Royal. For the people that don’t know what that is, it’s where 100 random people from all around the world get sent down to a huge map that’s at least a country big, and you look for guns, attachments to your guns, ammo, bullet proof vests, first aid kits, cars and a lot more. You also try to kill the 100 people that are playing. For your prize, you go to the next level and you get new attachments for your guns
If you are new to the game and aren’t very good, you can go play a practice round with bots that are trash at the game and you get better, You can also go to a game and just target practice and choose any gun you want. You can also choose to invite your friend to play a game of Team Deathmatch and communicate through your speaker while you’re connected.
In total there are 150 levels and each time you get to another level you get a couple of new attachment for your guns. When you attach an optic, suppressor, barrel, etc. on your gun it’s going to say how accurate your gun is or how good your range is or also the damage your gun can do. It will show you this on the left side of the screen.
If you wish you can also go to the “world chat” and chat with all the players that are playing all around the world. Or, you can also chat with just your friends. So, I think you should download Call of Duty Mobile and play it. If you don’t like it, you are free to delete the app. But I guarantee that you will like it. THE END

What do you like most about summer

For me the thing about summer I like the most is the warm weather. I absolutely hate the cold and I also hate snow. I like to feel the grass, its very calming to me. You can’t take proper walks in the winter without wearing something heavy or feeling cold, in the summer you can go for walks in a T-shirt.

Don’t get me wrong I really like like snowballs and most of all I like throwing them at people, that’s the only best part about winter. So, yeah the best thing about summer is, as I said before the warm weather. I don’t get people that like winter it sucks, the only thing you can do is sit inside and drink a cup of tea or something warm. I think I already made a blog about summer like 2 time but it doesn’t hurt to do it a third time, right?, left.

In summer you get to drink iced tea even though you can still do it in the winter but it’s better to do it in the summer when it’s “warm”. Now if you live at a place like Antarctica, you should definitely think about coming to Canada.  Some of you Americans might be wondering “I thought it snows all year round in Canada”, but no that what Americans think but it doesn’t and in the summer its actually pretty warm. Here’s a picture of Canada in the summer Canada Weather: Here's Your Summer 2020 Forecast | HuffPost Canada News. If you want to learn ore about Canada here’s a link

Grade 9

Hello I’m in grade 8 right now going into grade 9. I didn’t really pay attention in grade 7 and then in grade 8 I started to learn more that I learned in my entire life time. I also had a very intelligent teacher who taught me everything and if I could I would thank him right now. I heard from some of my friends in grade 9 that grade 9 is supposed to be easy.

I think the teacher that I had now is the best teacher I have ever had, and to my teacher I’m not just saying that, I actually mean it. The school year is almost done, only one month left. the only thing I hated about grade 7-8 school year was remote learning. My teachers name is Mr. Ewert, Mr. Jay Ewert (@EwertMr) | Twitter here’s a picture of this handsome man with his friend.

On top the person on the left is my teacher, he’s a good guy. When I go into grade 9 ill miss his and his bad dad jokes. I don’t know how grade 9 is gonna go for me with my brother there. I hope it will all go well.


What’s your favorite kind of truck? comment down below I want to know. personally I like Ford. Ford has a nice shape of their trucks and the technology is more up to date. So yeah if your wondering I like Ford.

for my dream truck I want a Ford-F350 jacked up with two turbos,2021 FORD F 250 BIG PREMIUM TRUCK - MORE POWERFUL ENGINE AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES - YouTube but this is a 250. I would really take anything but mostly a ford. trucks are trucks are trucks and I don’t know why people hate on other trucks just for being a different brand they are the same just look different and take you where you need to go. I could see why people hate on cars but or trucks but not the brand.

I also like the  looks of a cheavy and a dodge but not a Honda or anything else. I would also take a jeep if If I could. I don’t even know what kind of car I would want, either a mustang,  dodge charger or challenger or a Camaro or also a corvette. This is what I  think of a cars up top and if you wish to buy a sports car, here….


Summer Joy

Hello, I just want to right about summer, how happy I am to see it. So, I have to cross the river everyday to get to school. getting to school kind of cheers me up not that I’m going to school but that I can cross the river. its fun to see fish almost dieing on the rocks and you just grab them and throw them back, it kina cheers you up.

today is Friday so its basically the best day it could possibly be. I  finished my Quizzes already and I think I did pretty good on them. I don’t think the day could get any better. today when I come home from school I get to make a bond fire, I asked my dad if I can last night and by the looks of it I think I can.

Today is a good day for having fun playing outsideBright sunny day in park. | High-Quality Nature Stock Photos ~ Creative Market. its supposed to be very warm on the weekend so you should  spend your time outside instead of inside and just wasting electricity. besides you can go outside on your deck and just get that tan you wanted.  or you should go to Hawaii and have fun there.


hello friends, I’m gonna right about how much I don’t like blog but is still write blogs because I have no choice because its a school assignment. If I could I wouldn’t write any blogs because I don’t even know the purpose for them. I wrote like 50 blogs already, I think, I don’t know, but they aren’t fun. You usually don’t know what to write about because its like an every week assignment and there is really not much to talk about

Ok, now I know how many blogs I published, I published 49 blogs. I was very close to 50 but also to prove it I will show you an image. You could also just go look for yourself but I’m going to save you time. Ok, I lied I cant show you an image because my right click doesn’t work.

To my teacher I’m sorry but I cant include a picture because my right click doesn’t work. I also can’t include a link either because I also need the right click and it don’t work. My link would have been to my blog even though they are already there but I still would have. I think you know what my image would have been but whatever, Bye.

I hate winter

Hello, I am going to write about how glad I am that winter is gone. so, I don’t know if you know this about e but I really hate snow and the cold. However I am a huge fan of summer. the summer is a time where you can go outside and relax.

I really like to go outside and lay in the grass, but then my cloths gets all grassy but that still doesn’t stop me from going outside and doing it. To all the people that have never seen snow, snow sucks, I mean sure its very fun for the first could tines you see it and play in it but then it gets very boring after a couple of years. the only reason I like snow is to make snow balls and throw them at people, or at moving cars, man its funny when they slam on their brakes right away, then you know you have to run. So, if you do happen to get snow where you live, don’t be like me and make trouble all the time.

I don’t even know the last time a made a snow man, must have been like 2 years ago. I know I wrecked a lot of snowmen but I didn’t make those. Snow can be a lot of fun but when you throw snowballs at moving targets you better have good shoes to run in the snow because it’s hard to run in the snow. 8 Beautiful Snow Scenes from Literature | Mental FlossIf you want to move to a place where there’s snow, move to Canada because we get snow here once a year.